How to use an inhaler with Aerochamber
Nwasom Bianze

How to use an inhaler with Aerochamber

Remove the mouthpiece cover of the inhaler and the Aerochamber® Spacer. Shake the inhaler 4 …

how to use an inhaler with spacer
Nwasom Bianze

How to use an inhaler with spacer

Put the two parts of the spacer device together. Remove the mouthpiece cover of the …

how to use the handihaler
Nwasom Bianze

How to use the HandiHaler

Release the dust cap of the HandiHaler by pressing the green button on the side …

how to use the Easi breathe inhaler
Nwasom Bianze

How to use the Easi breathe inhaler

Hold the Easi-Breathe® inhaler upright without using your fingers to cover the air holes at …

reasons for c section
Dr Grace Eneh

Medical reasons for c section

Ever wondered if there were any medical reasons for c section? Continue reading to find …

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Diabetic ketoacidosis

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Hyperglycaemia (Hypers)

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