Want to know more about bunions, you are in the right place. Just keep reading. Just imagine a beautifully dressed lady or gentleman. Well-ironed blue blazer – check. Crisp white shirt – check. Fitted pants – check. A matching bag – check. And finally, a pair of heels with a pointed covered front to complete …

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reasons for c section

Medical reasons for c section

Ever wondered if there were any medical reasons for c section? Continue reading to find out why your doctor may have advised you have a caesarean section. The mode of delivery of a baby is an area of anxiety for some pregnant women. Among Africans, having vaginal delivery is perceived as the ultimate proof of …

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psoriasis or ringworm

Is it psoriasis or ringworm?

Have you notice a skin rash and are wondering if it is psoriasis or ringworm? Continue reading to learn more. The use of a moisturizer may be the simple solution to skin problems that have your skin looking dry and scaly. Sometimes, the problem may need more than a moisturizer. In any case, you need …

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Foods that boost the immune system

15 foods that boost the immune system

15 foods that boost the immune system ALMOND Almond trees are commonly seen in Southern Nigeria, it provides a good shade from sunlight as their branches make them take the shape of an umbrella. Locally known as ebelebo or just simply ‘fruit’, the fruits are green in colour but turn yellow, red, or a lighter …

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hemorrhoids (Piles)

Popularly known as jedi jedi in the Yoruba language, piles (hemorrhoids) have been falsely indicted as a cause of many symptoms. In this article, I will outline all you need to know about piles. Imagine that you finish using the restroom and as you wipe or turn to flush the toilet you see unmistakable bright …

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palm wine

Palm wine

Palm wine is a traditional drink often consumed in customary gatherings such as weddings, cultural festivals, burials, and village meetings in Africa. It is an alcoholic drink that is gotten from the tree sap of different species of a palm trees. It is cloudy white and gives off bubbles.  The Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria …

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first aid

First aid in Nigeria

Have you ever witnessed a situation where a seemingly healthy person suddenly slumped and became unresponsive? Do you know that you can help improve chances of survival if you start to give first aid immediately? This article highlights what you can do for a person who has had cardiac arrest while awaiting arrival of a …

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Tonsillitis is mostly loosely referred to as sore throat. However, sore throat is only one of the prominent symptoms of tonsillitis. It is common in children from the age of 3 up to 15 years of age, but also seen in adults. The body has tissues which help to trap germs and destroy them before …

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antenatal care in nigeria

Antenatal care in Nigeria

Announcement of conception is often a thing of joy in many households. It is then followed by preparations and planning, as though awaiting the arrival of the president of a nation. Booking for antenatal care (ANC) is one of the most important preparatory processes for an expectant mother. After you’ve confirmed that you’re pregnant, you …

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Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD)

Most people experience reflux of minute quantities of gastric juice into the gullet (oesophagus) – the connecting pipe between the mouth and the stomach. This is usually so little that the defense mechanism of the oesophagus is able to get rid of the little volume and it has no effect on the lining of the …

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