How to use the diskhaler

How to use the Diskhaler

Important notes about Diskhaler® The Diskhaler® pierces one blister of medicine at a time Store at 25°C (77°F) Always check the inside and outside of the mouthpiece to make sure it is clean and clear. Any foreign object in the mouthpiece could be inhaled and cause serious harm. Remove the cover of the mouthpiece. Check …

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how to use the zonda inhaler

How to use the Zonda inhaler

Pull the cap upwards. To open the mouthpiece, Hold the base of the Zonda® device firmly and pull the mouthpiece upwards. Take one capsule from the bottle, close the bottle tightly and put the removed capsule into the capsule-shaped compartment at the base of the inhaler. You should only remove this capsule immediately before use. …

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how to use the autohaler

How to use the Autohaler

Hold the Autohaler® upright and pull down the lip at the back to remove the cover of the mouthpiece. Shake the Autohaler®. Push the lever at the top of the Autohaler® up and leave it up. Ensure your hand does not cover the air vent at the bottom of the Autohaler®. Breathe out away from …

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how to use an aerolizer

How to use an Aerolizer

Remove the cover of the Aerolizer® Open it by turning the mouthpiece in the direction of the arrow. Insert the capsule in the base chamber of the Aerolizer® and rotate the mouthpiece to close it.  Press both buttons once. You should hear a click. Hold the inhaler horizontally while Keeping your head upright. Breathe out …

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how to use an accuhaler

How to use an Accuhaler

Open the Accuhaler® by holding the outer case in one hand and using the thumb of your other hand to push the thumb grip away until you hear a click. You should now see the mouthpiece.  Hold the mouthpiece of the Accuhaler® towards you and slide the lever beside the mouthpiece away from you until …

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psoriasis or ringworm

Is it psoriasis or ringworm?

Have you notice a skin rash and are wondering if it is psoriasis or ringworm? Continue reading to learn more. The use of a moisturizer may be the simple solution to skin problems that have your skin looking dry and scaly. Sometimes, the problem may need more than a moisturizer. In any case, you need …

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Foods that boost the immune system

15 foods that boost the immune system

15 foods that boost the immune system ALMOND Almond trees are commonly seen in Southern Nigeria, it provides a good shade from sunlight as their branches make them take the shape of an umbrella. Locally known as ebelebo or just simply ‘fruit’, the fruits are green in colour but turn yellow, red, or a lighter …

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hemorrhoids (Piles)

Popularly known as jedi jedi in the Yoruba language, piles (hemorrhoids) have been falsely indicted as a cause of many symptoms. In this article, I will outline all you need to know about piles. Imagine that you finish using the restroom and as you wipe or turn to flush the toilet you see unmistakable bright …

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