antenatal care in nigeria

Antenatal care in Nigeria

Announcement of conception is often a thing of joy in many households. It is then followed by preparations and planning, as though awaiting the arrival of the president of a nation. Booking for antenatal care (ANC) is one of the most important preparatory processes for an expectant mother. After you’ve confirmed that you’re pregnant, you …

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Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD)

Most people experience reflux of minute quantities of gastric juice into the gullet (oesophagus) – the connecting pipe between the mouth and the stomach. This is usually so little that the defense mechanism of the oesophagus is able to get rid of the little volume and it has no effect on the lining of the …

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why electrolytes are important

Why electrolytes are important

Have you ever wondered why electrolytes are important and their uses in the body, In this post, we explain why. Body cells perform their functions by sending signals through a coordinated movement of electrolytes in and out of the cells. Were you taught the periodic table in High school? The periodic table of chemical elements …

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wake up with sore throat

7 reasons you wake up with sore throat

Do you sometimes wake up with sore throat and want to know some of the reasons this happens? In this post, we talk about seven reasons why you may wake up with sore throat. First, what is a sore throat? What is sore throat? Painful swallowing, feeling of lump in the throat and feeling dryness …

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